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Luxury BOG Hotel in Colombia


With a design and décor celebrating Colombia’s signature natural treasures – gold and emeralds – the visually stunning B.O.G. Hotel offers an ultra-stylish gateway to the thriving capital city of Colombia, Bogotá. Mixing high-touch service and amenities with a dash of playful decadence, the hotel is the inspiration of internationally acclaimed Portuguese interior designer, Nini Andadre Silva. Andadre’s vision was to create a traditional Colombian Hotel and then elevate it to provide a golden sensory experience for guests. Incorporating rich golds and emeralds into her penchant for evoking sensation through color and tone, Silva has created an ambiance that is stark yet luxurious; highly functional, yet punctuated with whimsy.

Keeping pace with the groundbreaking interiors, the hotel’s façade is a remarkable geometric compilation of granite, natural stone, glass and aluminum. Construction was completed by Octubre Arquitectura, a company well known for its creative use of steel, bronze, iron, marble and wood. Once inside, the guest experience begins in the vividly imagined lobby – where the gold and emerald luster is enhanced with strategically placed splashes of bronze, grey, green and beige – and continues through the lavishly detailed rooms before reaching a dramatic crescendo at the futuristic rooftop terrace bar and pool gazing out over the city skyline. Furniture has been custom-designed by Silva and an impressive host of local and international artisans, with lighting schemes conceived by famous architect Guillermo Arias from Octubre Arquitectura.

The concept of the B.O.G. Hotel is that of a Colombian luxury lifestyle hotel, and the small touches throughout underscore a commitment to this concept. Guests will notice intricate rugs handmade by Colombian artisans. They will see traditional costumes used in rain and corn dances. They will appreciate Aguadeño’s hats and handicrafts made in clay; they will feel cow-leather covered chairs and textured elevators.


The industry has also noticed this incredible attention to the guest experience. The B.O.G. Hotel is one of 250 international hotels that have earned the designation of being a “Design Hotel,” and it remains the single Colombian hotel to achieve this honor. 

The critics have spoken, and it’s unanimous: there’s no Bogotá hotel with a “wow factor” quite like B.O.G. Hotel, and it’s hard to imagine there ever will be.

premio lapiz de acero

The award-winning interior design won the Premio Lápiz de Acero (Steel Pencil) Award for 2012.

Condé Nast Traveller’s Hot List

It made Condé Nast Traveller’s Hot List as one of the best new hotels in 2013. 

the best interior design and architecture international hotel award

The hotel was awarded “the best interior design and architecture” during the 2012-2013 International Hotel Awards.