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lounge area in a hotel with large gray sofas

Event Spaces In the Mood to Celebrate

aerial view of a hotel rooftop at night

Some moments don’t happen every day. Celebrate a big day in a big way by booking one of our unique and stylish event rooms and spaces at B.O.G.

rooftop with pool during the day

Capacity Chart

Capacity Chart

Salón B Salón OYG Terraza Chimenea


8 pax 26 pax 40 pax 20 pax

8 pax 20 pax 24 pax 16 pax

8 pax 16 pax 26 pax 20 pax
Imperial 2 Mesas

N/A 32 pax 48 pax 30 pax

12 pax 36 pax 60 pax 30 pax

8 pax 24 pax 40 pax 24 pax
Banquete Mesa Rectangular

8 pax 24 pax 60 pax 30 pax

10 pax 20 pax 60 pax /
80 pax
30 pax
Coctel sin sillas
10 pax 20 pax 80 pax/
120 pax
50 pax

Artful Venues

All Over the Top

Few hotels in Bogotá offer a space as unique as our Rooftop, which elevates every moment with panoramic views and a sleek city ambiance.

rooftop set for an event with tall tables

Salón B

This versatile space is perfect for meetings, lectures, or small conferences. It can be configured and reconfigured to accommodate from 8 to 12 attendees.

conference room with a large table set for an event

Salón OyG

Boasting twice the space of Salon B, the highly versatile OyG Salon can host 20 to 24 guests for a distinctive banquet.

a room with tables and chairs

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